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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

==> Damn Love !

LOVE ? please dont hurt me . LOVE ? Please dont hurt me . NO MORE NO MORE !!! . LOVE PLEASE STAY WITH ME . IMMA NEED YOU FOREVER EVER AND EVER ! .

I think more about love than I forget . I give 5000 % about my love but to many girls . Yeah, that's calling a Playboy . My life a bitch when imma . Money outweighing problem on a triple beam .  Imma down when knew about new life and sincere in my love toward girl . Its happened when YOU showed me nothing but hate YOU given me . Shit ! . Nothing to sweat . More alive than I have been in my whole entire life . I can see these people's numb about something . Damn ! . I did that because wanna freedom haha . 

So, imma realise about EVOL . Proud with 'em because know early than me hurmm . Its enough to make me wonder . I wanna "it" stay up with me forever and i wanna like past hurm . Why imma did it? . Ass clown , damn shit . Im puzzled with the situation like a supernova and the big bang . 

Need or needed or high ? . Everything I choose but its so dark like a grave where no light . Every moment I can look back what I can finally whole and face what I did . Never ever it miss I miss . Digging my grave and shout down the flame .  

Dont go shoot me . Still YOU murder me with YOUR lies ? . Your weapon is 'ur word with no alibi . Crazy ! think you never change . I will change this ~ . Dont ever try . You doing the perfectly . 

Must my up !!! . Last for my shadow to tomorrow will to come . Came crazy baby . Dont be wildflower . Please high with me ass clown . 

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