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Sunday, June 30, 2013

=> How about you ?

Assalammualaikum . Today I wanna speaking hee . I wanna tell you something ? Do want hear that baby ? Yeahh you must listen it because I know you want me baby and i wanna you too . I'm here to save you girl and I think I love you hence come on to Riduan world . I wanna grow together and let's our love unfurl . Maybe I'll love you one day because we'll someday grow . Don't get me wrong , it's no secret and everybody know that about as far as your buddy goes . Imma not a jealous man and women lies . Don't hurt me no more . I wanna fuck the world and smoke the flower . I think about more then i forget but i don't go around and i wanna face it even not sweat . Money outweighing problem on the triple beam be good or be good at it . No love lose and no love fund . You , don't hurt me no more and i don't need you, don't love you and i don't see you no more bitch you get it no love . I'm a live again more alive than i have been in my whole entire life , I'm afraid that it ain't gonna make no difference . You leave me alone when you freak see me out . I don't owe you motherfucking thing . Whatever you say that way i am cause i am . Bullshit !

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